Murray State Scholastic Meet Results 2019

Post date: Feb 28, 2019 2:37:39 PM

The following students placed in the Top 10 Overall for their exam at the scholastic meet:

- Alyssa Sneed placed 1st in Algebra I

- Suzzie Davis placed 6th in Expository Writing, (3rd place in our division)

- Seth Reich placed 9th in Oklahoma Wildlife Identification, (2nd place in our division)

These students placed in the Top 5 in our division:

- Noah Jones placed 4th in Accounting

- Michael Legardye placed 1st in Behavioral Science

- Ivy Bible placed 4th in Child Development

- Brooklyn Hall placed 4th in Library Skills

- Alyssa Sneed placed 5th in Spreadsheet Applications

- Cheyenne McDonald placed 5th in Trigonometry and 3rd in Vocabulary

Congratulations to these students!